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Shaoxing ZKTel Has Successfully Attended CIOE2020

Shaoxing ZKTel Has Successfully Attended CIOE2020

  • Time of issue:2020/09/21

(Summary description)It is an annual global optical communications industry event.

Shaoxing ZKTel Has Successfully Attended CIOE2020

(Summary description)It is an annual global optical communications industry event.

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  • Time of issue:2020-09-21 09:53
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It is an annual global optical communications industry event. The three-days "CIOE 2020" was successfully held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 9th to 11th. Although the exhibition was postponed due to the impact of the epidemic, the grand scene remained the same. Everyone was full of enthusiasm, and the exhibitors worked hard to create perfect booths, showing the vigor of the market that is still booming under the influence of the epidemic.

As a leader in the optical communications area, ZKTel has launched a series of new products this year, such as 100GE QSFP28 ER4 40km, 100GE QSFP28 ZR4 80km, 200G QSFP-DD LR4 10km, 200G QSFP-DD ER4 40km, etc. Founded in 2009, ZKTel is an enterprise founded by a group of doctors and masters at home and abroad. It is a supplier of optical communication products integrating R&D, production and sales. The products cover optical chips (25G DFB Chip/25G APD). Chip/silicon-based optical electronic integrated chip) and optical devices (TOSA/ROSA/BOSA/Tri-OSA, etc.), 3D sensing key optical devices, optical transceiver modules (1×9/SFF/SFP, XFP/SFP+, GPON/ EPON/10G EPON/XGPON/XGSPON, SFP28, QSFP+/QSFP28, CFP/CFP2/CFP4, QSFP-DD, direct-connect cable module DAC, optical active module AOC, etc.), products are widely used in various data communication networks and Telecommunication networks, such as various transmission networks, metro backbone networks, data centers, storage switching networks, enterprise networks, 4G/5G mobile base stations, face recognition and unmanned driving, etc. With independent intellectual property rights, the company can provide a full range of optical electronic devices and optical module OEM and ODM services to the market.

The exhibition site was crowded with people and the atmosphere was fiery. ZKTel has displayed cutting-edge equipment and technology application solutions in all directions, and has received extensive attention from professional customers worldwide. Our company always adheres to the concept of providing customers with more cost-effective products and services, and provides professional answers to customers' specific application needs.

With the help of this exhibition, ZKTel and industry elites jointly discussed the market development direction and product application trends, and continued to expand into vertical industries and technologies.

ZKTel has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of "Talents as the foundation, quality for survival, technology for progress, and innovation for development". ZKTel recruits talents and has a group of overseas returnees with doctorate and master degrees. Managers, developers, and innovators with a bit of rich experience in the industry have the ability and conditions for vertical integration and mass production. The company has passed ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 quality and environmental system certification, ISO measurement system, optical transceiver modules, devices have obtained CE, FCC, RoHS, TUV and other series of domestic and foreign product certifications, and the company has been recognized as " Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research Center", "Shaoxing High-tech Enterprise", "Shaoxing Enterprise R&D Center", "Zhejiang Science and Technology Enterprise", "National High-tech Enterprise", "Zhejiang Enterprise R&D Center" and other honors.

Relying on superior technology, reliable quality and reasonable prices, ZKTel has become a supplier of Teri1 optical communication equipment suppliers at home and abroad.

Looking forward to a better us in 2020. ZKTel is on the way...

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